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Get a Free Vending Machine for Your Business

Provide the products your employees want and make your customers happy.

Why Lansing Vending?

Great Service and Selection of BOTH Traditional & Healhty Products

Contact us TODAY to find our locations, so you may visit one of our machines in action. Give your employees and customers the products that they are looking for. All without any cost or long-term commitment to your company.

Lansing Vending: Two In One Machines!

Convenient & Effective Vending Machines

State of the Art Machines with Electronic Wi-Fi Inventory Monitoring! Machine Size: 72″ tall x 52″ wide x 30″deep. Includes 21 different snacks, 8 different drinks and 12 entree selections. Card and Phone payments plus bills up to $20.

Get your brand new vending machine today with No Contract, No Commitment and No Cost.

No Contract

Get your brand new vending machine today with a 60-Day Trial. No Contract, No Commitment and No Cost to You!

Lansing Vending: Great Service and Selection!

Great Service and Selection!

We offer a wide variety of BOTH healthy and traditional snacks and drinks. Keep your employees/customers satisfied!

Service Area

We bring State of the Art vending to Business and Facilities in the Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana Areas.

Get one of our free, high quality vending machines in your business along with the customer service you deserve! Our machines are always stocked fresh and ready to go!

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All of our vending machines are Brand New!
We supply variety of equipment, which can fit into any location and meet any organization's requirements.

Get a Free Machine for Your Business

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